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Nestled between the two oceans and home to some fantastic products, it's a great deal to be enticed Auckland. Seafood is unbelievable, fruits and vegetables are delicious and the wine is excellent. In fact, New Zealand's largest city has a thriving culinary scene thanks to its collection of award-winning restaurants and cafes. Here are some of the best restaurants in Auckland.

Food with a view

Picture courtesy of Sky City Auckland

If you have only one royal meal on the Auckland itinerary, go out The Sugar Club. Chef Petre Gordon's excellent restaurant is located at the 53th Sky Tower Skyline. Get a bird-friendly view of Auckland, its harbor and many volcanic islands that surround it.

Sugar Club Auckland

Picture courtesy of Sky Tower Auckland

As the sun meets the city, Auckland takes on magical quality. Food corresponds to Art Deco's thirties. Products from New Zealand fresh from the local origin will receive international treatment, not to mention some significant Asian influences. There is sashimi paired with turmeric daikon and crunchy wakame, sesame-miso roasted eggplants and carpaccio squid with miso egg yolk. There's even duck breasts with Mughlai's shit, which helped surprise me.

Creamed paua (abalone) with kiwi dip and Māori frying at Sugar Club Auckland

Do not miss the addictive delicious paua (abalone) cream served with kiwi dip and traditional Māori pastry (above pic). The beef lamb's back from Hawke's Bay served with a smoky curd (chestnut) is another winner. The restaurant has an extensive and excellent wine list.

Back to roots

Auckland pasture

Spouse and wife duo, Ed & Laura Verner opened Pasture in late 2016 in Parnell, Auckland is an upmarket suburb. A small minimalist restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Auckland. Ed Verner also won the "Boss of the Year" award last year.

Meat cooking on an open fire in the Auckland pasture

Most dishes are cooked on an open fire, and techniques such as fermentation, pickling and preserving are used freely.

Pasture preserves

Image courtesy of Grassland and Josh Griggs

What could easily be passed into demanding food is elevated to experience. Within three hours, the chef prepares and offers a menu for multiple courses. Drinks include biodynamic wine and cider or natural fermented beverages and juices.

Drinks on the Auckland pasture

Sit down at the bar where you can watch the chef in action, carefully mowing, cooking and plating. The menu changes seasonally and sometimes daily, depending on what is available on the market. I visited it at the beginning of November, when the spring menu was offered. It included avocado and orange, spring peas and goat quark, pork beef, etc. On the side were home-made wheat and rye sourdough accompanied by aging butter.

Muttonbird on the Auckland pasture

Image courtesy of Pasture

If you are adventurous, ask for the muttonbird (pic above). The grazing is one of the few restaurants in the city that serve this delicious Māori. It is a meatbird, boiled over an open fire, with almost no spice. A word of warning – not everyone has their playful tastes.

Sweet nothing

Selfie cone in Giapo Auckland

Ice cream is an ice cream, is not it? No, if Gianpaolo Grazioli has anything to do with it. Together with his wife, Annarosa, Grazioli began Giapo in 2007 and became an instant hit with its unpredictable combination of flavors and timeless ice creams. Last year, an Italian immigrant couple moved to larger premises on Gore Street in the center of Auckland, giving them space to create a kitchen for research and development. Here, they not only lose their creative energy, but also have a 16-course host tasting experience.

Hot tokens at Giapo Auckland

My favorite was Hot Chips in a Cone (picture above) – a nod of top quality food, a paper cone filled with fries. Giapo created a waffle cone that mimicked a flat french cone, and then he stuffed up more fries and finished it with ice cream. The result is a sweet and salty cure that takes you back to your childhood and at the same time gives you a look at the ice cream of the future.

Māori fried bread in Giapo Auckland

He takes note that Giapo has created Fried Māori bread (pic above) – the crisp, traditional Mori bread made of ice cream.

With his own cone in Giapo Auckland

Try some strange kiwi and coriander ice cream (above) that somehow works or has a complicatedly shaped ice cream.

Gianpaolo & Annarosa of Giapo Auckland

And do not forget the ice cream Ms. Puri (Gianpaolo & Annarosa, which represents her above) – a crispy puris filled with ice cream and filled with various fillings.

Turn away

Waiheke Island Auckland

A short 40-minute ferry from Auckland will take you to Waiheke Island, one of the many islands in Haura Bay, New Zealand. It's a popular weekend and holiday getaway for Aucklanders, many of which have holiday homes on the island.

Oneroa Waiheke Beach Auckland

The picturesque island is home to famously sandy beaches, while Oneroa and Onetangi are very popular.

But what is best known is his wine. In fact, it became known as the "island of wine" in New Zealand, thanks to a group of winemakers who created a small boutique vineyard.

Vineyards on the island of Waiheke Auckland

Take Kennedy Point, such as the only certified wine cellar on the island.

Syrah and vineyard at Kennedy's Waiheke Point in Auckland

Their 2007 Syrah was awarded the "Best Syrah in the World" award. The winery is set on a slope with stunning views of the bay. In addition to wine, ask for a taste of your special honey made by bees that pollinate the pedigree of manuka and pohutukawa and produce earthy, viscous honey. Other vineyards that are worth the check-out are Mudbrick, Cable Bay and Stonyridge. Do not miss the charming café Veranda Café Stonyridge where you can sit for a delicious lunch.

Valid at Stonyridge Waiheke in Auckland

In addition to the wines, the island of Waiheke is also famous thanks to olive oil. Drop on Rangihoua Estate where you can explore the olive grove and taste a whole host of extra virgin olive oils. To get the best of what Waiheke offers, book the Gourmet & Food and Wine Tour Ananda Tours. Includes tasting food and wine in several vineyards and after lunch.

Gourmet trail

If you have a limited time in Auckland, contact the city with food Big Foody.

Curd Nerd Calum Hodgson at Sabat in Auckland

At the "Tastebud Tour" you will try locally produced cheese and you will meet "Curd Nerd" by Calum Hodgson (pic above) at Sabato, excellent grocery store in Auckland suburban. Here you can also taste local olive oil, traditional dishes, as well as craft beer and wine.

Auckland Fish Market

You will have a look at the Auckland Fish Market and eventually have lunch at one of the city's many water restaurants.

Paprika Paper mill with Paua in Baduzou Auckland

We had great Italian food Baduzzi – Absolutely loved their pepper with paua (pic above).

Make your trip to Auckland delicious! Read me Auckland Guide for more tips, how to see and do in the city.

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