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If Paris features of your European summer route, why not make a trip to a fairy tale – the ideal city in the area? The Picardy area of ​​northern France is easily accessible from Paris. Chantilly, the jewel in its crown is just 50 km from the French capital. It is an elegant old town full of sandstone city houses and surrounded by gardens and a park. Here's why you have to visit Chantilly France.

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Perfect lock

Château de Chantilly

The main reason for visiting Chantilly France is, of course, Château de Chantilly. Set in the midst of landscaped gardens on the shores of artificial lake, the castle is a visionary – a large, pale yellow sandstone with a slate roof, towers and towers. The castle consists of two neighboring buildings. Petit Château is original (but restored) 16thcentury, while 19thcentury Chateau Château or Château Neuf replaced the original castle that was destroyed during the French Revolution.

Princes Suites at Petit Château Chantilly 1

Princes Suites at Petit Château Chantilly 1

At the Petit Château you will find Princes & Suites. Here you can see how the French royal kingdoms lived around 18 years oldth and 19th century.

Cabinet des Livres in Chateau de Chantilly 1

Cabinet des Livres in Chateau de Chantilly 1

My favorite part is probably the Cabinet des Livres, which contains hundreds of manuscripts and books, including the Gutenberg Bible.

Entrance chapel with stained glass from the 16th century on Chateau de Chantilly 1

Entrance chapel with stained glass from the 16th century on Chateau de Chantilly 1

Do not forget the vestibule leading to the chapel. The long corridor is lined with original 16thcentury-stained glass depicting the story of Cupid and Psyche.

Hameau de Chantilly

After admiring the castle you can take a stroll (or ride a golf cart) in the surrounding park. You will find Hameau de Chantilly, a collection of seven rustic cottages, built in 1774. The Tudor-style French-style rooftop chalets feature richly decorated interiors. This type of rustic village as a garden feature was quite popular in the French landscaped gardens of that time.

Eclectic Museum

The last owner of the castle was Henri d'Orleans (Duke of Aumale), son of the last king of France, Louis-Philippe. The Duke rebuilt the Grande Château in the Renaissance style we see today. He was a lover of art and gathered a rather rich and varied collection of paintings and statues. These are all exhibited in the Condé Musée on the castle itself. The museum has the second largest collection of antique paintings on the Louvre. There are some absolute gems Raphael, Poussin, Botticelli, Titian, Van Dyck and others.

Musée Condé at the Chateau de Chantilly

If the museum appears randomly arranged, it is because the Duke has determined that the distribution of images must remain unchanged. So what you see is the original view of 19th century!

Ride on horseback

Castle Grandes Écuries or Grand Stables are also spectacular. Louis-Henri de Bourbon, the seventh prince of Condé, built the stables between 1719 and 1740, where royal horses and dogs resided. Today, the building has its own Musée Vivant du Cheval or Live Horse Museum.

A show of horses at Grandes Écuries or Great Stables Chantilly

In addition to equestrian exhibits, there is a short demonstration of dressage, that is training horses for performance.

Crème de la creme

Chocolate mousse with Chantilla cream

Chocolate mousse with Chantilla cream

There is another great reason to visit Chantilly France and it's Crème Chantilly or Chantilly Cream. It is simply that the cream and sugar are whipped together until they are thickened. It was invented at the Château de Chantilly, where guests from Condé took place.

Chantilly Cream Demonstration

Here you can see creamed cream for the first time at the La Capitainerie restaurant in the castle. An important test of Chantilly's right whipped cream is to turn the container overhead. If you have correctly defeated the cream, you should be shaped and not come to you!

Royal stay

Room at Auberge du Jeu de Paume Chantilly

Experience French hospitality in a royal setting at Hotel Auberge du Jeu de Paume, next to Château de Chantilly. Auberge is a modern 5-star hotel, but in 18 yearsthcentury style of French elegance. The rooms have beautiful toiletries, Louis XV chairs, rich curtains and elegant furnishings. Some rooms overlook the castle gardens. Hotel spa treatment is Thousand & One Chantilly, which includes relaxing massage and decadent body mask Chantilly Cream.

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Parkland at Château de Chantilly

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