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As some of you may know, I love cooking and I really enjoy using the garden in the summer and I use our grilling every day, as the Instagram stories tell us. I was almost saying "weather will allow", but summer 2018 was the best in the UK and it is safe to say that weather allowed plenty of wonderful outdoor dining.

But I found myself in a small cookery track – I have a decent repertoire, but I wanted to make a little jazz. But I hate the following recipes and I do not have a lot of patience because it's really hard to follow the recipes, so it was a simple key.

I bought every book and in most cases I bought dozens of copies I would give my friends and family because I think they are exceptional. If you see a diet, do not worry – that means the recipes will be healthy, but that is not the point of this post.

There are 5 simple and healthy cookbooks available to Mrs. O – all of Mrs. O has approved.

5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver

£ 13.00 (hard disk) and you can get it from Amazon.

I'm personally a great fan of Jamie Oliver (in all honesty), but he won me with this book. Everything really needs only 5 ingredients and changed the lives of people – for example, I have friends who fried the eggs and now they can cook great food. This is great for boosting trust, promise.

Persian: recipes from the Middle East and beyond from Sabine Gayour

Costs £ 19.00 (hardback) and you can get it from Amazon.

I am obsessed with food in the Middle East and this book was recommended by my acupuncturist when we talked about my Tabbouleh recipe that came from another book (see below). Now I bought new ingredients such as zaatar, sumac and pomegranate molasses and I really started to find a way around this kind of food. (Waitrose also sells all 3)

I also bought another book from Sabrina called Fears (and is discounted at 5 pounds) and is waiting for the summer to end when she hosts dinner parties in London and Mr. I and I definitely go.

Dirty food by Kate Harrison

Costs £ 6.47 (Exactly) from Amazon

I have mentioned this book earlier, and if you are interested in health and well-being, I can not recommend this book enough – ignore the dietary bit. The recipes are excellent and "my" version of Tabbouleh is inspired by Kate's. There is also a divine recipe of Mexican bean soup and many many others.

Lose Weight Tom Kerridge

Cost of 7 pounds (hard drive) from Amazon.

In fact, I bought a mine at one of Tom Kerridge's restaurants, The Coach in Marlow, because we are "almost" neighbors. First I first met with Tom when he was one of the pop-up chefs at Belmont British Pullman and when we are a few miles from Henley, we regularly go to his two restaurants.

Despite the fact that there are a little more cheffy, the recipes and method are only 1 page – and count the calories for you. She has really nice curry recipes, salads and barbecue recipes.

Fish Indian Style Atul Kochhar

Costs of £ 18.95 (hard drive) from Amazon

This book is something different – and quite different in taste. I like cooking fish (and Mr. O and I have lasted for years to perfect barbecue art, oven, baked in salty, and I really needed some inspiration.) On a recent visit to Pubu in the park (imagine more rural versions but where chefs, who are really good friends like Tom Kerridge, Heston Blumental, Jason Atherton and Atul, and a few other people who have decided to do their own thing), I had the opportunity to try a chicken tikka masala (maybe the best pie I ever had had a little talk with Atuel Kohnar, who will become one of my favorite chefs. We're a bit short of Benares in London (see my guide to London), but she always forgets that Sindhu Marlowe is – we'll be there soon.

Anyway, the way Atul understands the fish is very different from mine and we were familiar with marinades, grinding our own spices and generally pushing. I never thought I'd make some spicy pineapple as a grilled sea wave attachment, but it was amazing. Go to me!

These are our guides, which are based on how the "easy and healthy" front is actually doing, which is something important to us (at least at present).

I hope you find the right one for you and let me know if you try something you like.


Mrs. O

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