Art Deco Wonderland in Napier, New Zealand


If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, add Napier to your itinerary. Every spring, the city goes back to the twenties. The Tremains Art Deco Festival is an annual event in Napier, New Zealand, which attracts local residents and tourists to stacks.

It's a big street party and everyone dresses in the clothes. Women's ladies' dresses and hats hat while men sport pastel suits or plus four.

Smiling ladies in front of Arch

Image courtesy of Art Deco Trust

There are movie shows, hiking trips, old car rides, antique fairs, party orders and Gatsby picnics.

Tremains Art Deco Festival

Image courtesy of Art Deco Trust

It comes from ashes

Napier New Zealand is located in the scenic area of ​​Hawke's Bay on the northern island. The city center is one of the best preserved enclaves in Art Deco buildings, second on the South Beach in Miami. Pastel colors stand in the streets and their symmetrically raised facades are decorated with stylized geometric motifs, sun rays, and cords.

Napier Beach _ Promenade

This seemingly idyllic city literally originated in a natural disaster. On February 3, 1931, the earthquake of 7.8 equated most of central Victorian and Edwardian buildings. More than 250 people died and survived only a few streams. The earthquake also pushed the seabed and suddenly more than 2,000 hectares of land emerged. Citizens of Napier built it in the Art Deco gem in less than two years.

Art Deco facades in Napier

Architects have decided to accept Art Deco as the prevailing architectural style. Art Deco originated in Europe in the early 20th centuryth centuries as pastels of different styles. It combined the geometric structure of Cubism with the bright colors of fauvism and decorative Art Nouveau motifs.

Art Deco Tour

Vintage Car Tour with Art Deco Trust Napier

On a clear, clumsy afternoon in November, I arrive in Packard's bright car in 1939 with Anthony (Tony), a 70-times volunteer guide with Napier Art Deco Trust.

Art Deco Center Napier

Trust was created in 1985 to protect and preserve the architectural heritage of Napier. Organizes strolls and tours of historic cars to tell the story of the dramatic rebirth of the city and help appreciate heritage architecture.

Art Deco facades in Napier

About 140 Art Deco buildings still stand in Napier.

Dome, Napier

The most striking is Dóma, a former insurer, now forming an apartment hotel on the sea promenade. This three-floor white building with a copper dome and a clock tower is the landmark of Napier.

The stripped classic style of the nearby Auckland Savings Bank is scattered by indigenous Maori features such as red, black and white friezes around the top walls.

Daily Telegraph Building in Napier, New Zealand

Image courtesy of Art Deco Masonic Hotel

The symmetrically shaped facade of The Daily Telegraph, decorated with stylized lotus flowers, is another interesting piece of architecture.

Art Deco facades in Napier

Both Emerson and Tennyson Street are seamless lines of buildings with candy colors. These range from pale pink and pistachio green to baby bruise and sandstone. Deco flourishes, such as ziggurates, speed bands and angular hikes, adorns their carved entrances.

Art Deco facades in Napier

Architectural gems

We leave the city center and go to Ahuriri harbor to arrive at the National Tobacco Company building.

National Napier Tobacco Building New Zealand

Image courtesy of Art Deco Trust

"This is the most photographed building in Napier," says Tony. I see why. Art Deco blends in this light pink and sandstone colorful building with the precursor of Art Nouveau.

Detail of Napier National Tobacco Building New Zealand

A dramatic, curved arch above the door radiates Deco with sleep and Nouveau elements like vines and roses.

When I get back to the city center, I discover a naval parade that turns around with men, women and children in retro fashion. It seems to be a TV series. I sit with Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Cone (New Zealand National Flavor) and enjoy the preview of the Art Deco Festival.

Vintage cars in Napier

Old cars are at one end. People dressed at nine places on a grassy tip beside the promenade. Prepared afternoon tea picnics take place. To the sunset, a brass band emerges on the stage. Dark dress swing, in the evening light glitter headbands with pale lines and pale-dressed dress. Big Gatsby would be right at home in Napier, New Zealand.

Where to stay in Napier New Zealand

Art Deco Masonic Hotel Napier New Zealand

Retro-glam Masonic Hotel has a wonderful seafront location.

Room 4 at the Art Deco Masonic

Image courtesy of Art Deco Masonic Hotel

The hotel has recently undergone extensive renovation to gain a modern and stylish update. Jewelry is rich, as well as plush, velvet upholstery.

Emporium Eatery & Bar at the Art Deco Masonic Hotel

Where to eat and drink in Napier

Mr. D Napier

  • Get in the family bistro Mr. D for a rich breakfast, including a D-donut, which you can "insert" with a filling of your choice.
  • For a weekend lunch, talk Bistronics, an informal dining restaurant that offers a seasonal offer of world-inspired plates with fresh local produce.
  • Book your table in advance Pacifica (New Zealand's Restaurant of the Year in 2017) for a 5-course tasting menu inspired by Maori.
  • Hawke's Bay is the oldest wine region of New Zealand and is home to more than 70 wineries, located just off Napier. do not miss Black barns of grapevine, Craggy Range Winery, a Mission Estate Winery, the oldest viticulture in the country, founded in 1851.

Getting there

Napier is a one-hour flight from Auckland to Air New Zealand. Read me tourist guide Auckland before planning a trip. In addition, they are the best restaurants in Auckland, do not miss them!

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