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It's Wednesday, and I'm beginning to realize I'm too late. After a few minutes, I have a conference call and look at the other end of the city deeper. More importantly, I completely forgot to eat. For a woman who writes about livelihood, this oversight is an unintentional but consistent disability. Everything is erased when I am deep in written speech or speech. Yes, even food. I walk through shabby thought thought thoughts.

I pressed for time, I was in the real hope that my favorite cowboy vendor, taco, did not get to the day. I will come without breath, smile, sweaty in the desert. Israel, my kabeza expert, is smiling wide. "Hola Yeni", all the time in the world. Turning the heavy lid from a huge metal pot, he moves to his right leg to absorb his weight as steam into the air. "¿Qué puedo servirle? "(What can I serve you?)

The Israeli taco restaurant consists of a small mobile stall with two tables facing the temporary bar, leaning against wheels. In addition to its metal pot, divided into a quarter to separate meat and tortillas, the cooler is full of drinks and sauces. If it is not parked, you will not know it will come. Do not say that tacos ambulantes (wandering tacos) for nothing.

As I leaned on the stool, blood sugar collapsed, I grasped an elderly man who was looking at me from the corner of my eye. "Where are you from? Are you married?" He asks. "And where is your family, are they here?" I opened my mouth to try to answer the flow of questions, but Israel cut me off with a smile.

"Tranquil"Let me eat it first."

I'm waving the first of my tacos, because the two men look at me carefully, maybe they wonder if I can breathe when I eat it fast. After I fry the fried paper napkin, I turn to the second dinner and answer his questions.

Israel presides over our speech as a proud papa, looking from one of us to the other.

"Is not life great?" Nobody and everyone is asking. Smiling, then immerse yourself in the head to give another piece of our tacos.

Tacos de cabeza, slim style.

A little about the Tacos cow head

As well as dumplings in Asia, many different meats and cuts go to tacos in Mexico. In his book Planet Taco, Jeffrey Pilcher remarks:

"People have eaten corn tortillas with pieces of meat or beans that have been hiding in them for more than a millennium, but taco has reached national hegemony in the twentieth century. Traditionally every Mexican region has its own distinctive refreshment, commonly known as antojitos (small moods) that are formed in innumerable genius shapes and give a wide range of local names. "

Nowadays the ubiquitous taco is more modern for one of them antojitos. In the book of 1831 El Cocinero Mexicano, a list of corn snacks such as quesadillas and chilaquiles, also did not mention tacos. Per Pilcher, the tacos-as-descriptor became popular after the publication Los Banditos de Rio Frio (Cold River Bandits) in 1891, which refers to kids "skipping, with tacos tortillas and avocado in hand." Although the phrase was apparently used before publication, it was with this new book that it "quickly received official recognition," says Pilcher, with an attribute officially awarded to Mexico City.

In the case of tacos head cow new world fusion: both beef and pork were Spanish imports. Jose Iturriaga notes Las Cocinas de Mexico that head cow tacos come from Bajia in central Mexico. These days are quite popular here, in Sonor and the capital of Mexico. But they are found elsewhere in Mexico, cooked with any local ingredients.

For tacos or pork tacos it means All parts of the head. When ordering meat, they are usually divided maciza, which means "firm" meat, and it may be something from the face, lips, mouth or neck of the cow. The second group is offal, including eye, tongue, brains, sweet bread or makeup (beef intestine). I'm partly both maciza and lengua, tacos. Catch-all for the first to let go tacos of cabeza Yippee surtido, a mixture of mixed meat.

Meat meat tacos can sound extremely, but they are gourmet tasting pieces of meat. Tacos are richly structured, delicate and exceptionally tasty without being greasy. Regardless of the style, head tacos usually include steam head overnight, then crushing the meat and adding it back to the pot in its own juice (called consommé).

Of course, it is Mexico, so beef is not simply baked in a perfect tank. Israeli steamship includes achiote (annatto), avocado leaves, peppercorns, different kinds of chilli, bay leaves and some other secret ingredients that keep on keeping for yourself. Upon ordering, Israel will dive into its huge metal steamer and pull out beef tortillas, served with coriander, raw onion, soup avocado paste, spicy salsa and wedge collar.

tacos surtidos oaxaca

Finished product.

My favorite Taco philosopher in Oaxaca

When I first got to Oaxaca, I am amused in the streets in amazement. After so many years in Asia, curiosity dictated that I was at every stand of taco and quesadillo, which I found to have met my principles of safe street food. During this journey, I came across Israel's stand. Originally from Puebla, he lived in Oaxaca for 15 years, including a part of school attendance. Has he studied both accountant and law – another aspirant for the Thrillable Hours? – and worked in accounting for several years after graduation.

Why did this accountant start making tacos? In 2006, Oaxaca went on protest, and his entire office was temporarily suspended from work. He needed to feed his family, Israel learned to produce tacos and sell them in a wheelchair. He did not sell tacos in those days. Instead, he focused on what he called "tacos of canasta ambulantes,"Oily chorizo ​​and tacocharone tacos are sold out of the basket, a fried, rolled tacos that he had done before and walked down the streets and sold to protesters who were seated in the main square and elsewhere.

To his surprise, he did more as a taco retailer than as an accountant. When the protests were resolved and the situation in the city stabilized, he decided to sell tacos instead. "I never went back to the office," he says, and the head laughs away. He stops, thoughtful. "But I had to change my tacos."

This is a thoughtful thought that makes Israel such a pleasure. When people come to their car, they start talking, but often they get advice and questions about their decisions in life. In the case of his tacos, he switched to the steam of tacos head, Sonora-style, because while they are a little more expensive, they are a little healthier. "It seemed bad to make greasy tacos when I could make a healthy tacos," he shrugged.

That's the type of person he is.

street food tacos oaxaca

Incoming Tacos! <3

I'm still eating tacos and talking to my fellow countryman about what happened on Wednesday when a woman ran out of the building next to an Israeli car. He calls his name impatiently several times before realizing that during the tacos he missed calling his number in the adjoining government building. He's running fast.

Israel turns to me with a grinning smile and shrugs as if to say, "What can you do? There are tacos that you need to eat." I realize that I also ate my tacos and completely forgot my own duties.

I will wave my tacos head, give Israel a quick hug and I rush home for my conference call.

A few days later, my stomach is in a mood more tacos surtidos and go into the stable of Israel. "Yeni!" He calls from afar "I see you!".

Giggling, pushing on one of my high chairs and ordering some tacos. The man who wanted to be in his mid-1940s stops and looks at me curiously. It gives Israel a shrug of shoulders and slides on one of the plastic chairs in front of the cart.

"Is not life great?" He says Israel.

"I'm quite annoyed today," admits a new arrival. He quickly looks at me if I understand Spanish.

"Oh, that's Yeni," the Israeli instantly hits. "He lives here as well."

The man nodded slowly.

"Well," Isreal continues. "Life is great when your heart is quiet, otherwise life is not great."

We go tacos in silence and think about Israeli words. Almost every time I found him in the streets of Oaxaca, his clients came up with problems of their lives and waited for a word from this leading philosopher, taco, who will offer it all.

Finish our tacos together, and Israel first takes the money of another customer and looks into his eyes. "Remember, you will have trouble, because the anger will break your eyes on the world, and the good things in life will become the reason why you will be angry, too, and you have to be calm and happy in the heart.

The man is leaving and Israel is turning, his face spreading into a huge smile.

"You, Yeni, do not worry, but with tacos in your stomach, it's much easier to be quiet and happy in your heart."

head taco street food oaxaca

Israel, holding chia water and wearing ch-ch-ch-chia shirt – had no idea it was advertising in North America. Oaxaca grows a lot of chia seeds and is used in lemon water, chocolate and more.

Part of my joy in discovering my new home in Oaxaca was to find out the stories of people for the foods I love. I hope you enjoyed a bit of Israeli!

More will soon appear.


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