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When we first watched Ochos Rios in Jamaica almost 17 years ago, I never thought we'd go back to one of Jamaica's best resorts to treat her as a parent. But that happens when Half Moon Jamaica arrives.

During the first trip, when we were young, hardly in colleges, we stayed in a very typical all inclusive resort. Our trip was focused on 3 "Rs" – Red Strip, reggae and rum. This path was quite different. She focused on relaxation and healing, yes, as royal rights. And there was still rum. I also realized that it is not surprising that Half Moon Resort is one of the best hotels in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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Half Moon Jamaica – Royal Treatment

half of the bay of Jamaica villa

We once stayed at Sheraton at Universal Studios outside Los Angeles. They had no rooms (despite our booking) and placed us in the Presidential Suite. The manager realized that if the President had come, we would have to free him for it. We laughed a little. After all, if the President visits Los Angeles, he will not stay at Sheraton near Universal Studios.

I remembered this story when I studied the history of Half Moon Bay in Jamaica. It has been chosen by the hotel for celebrities and the royal prize for decades. After all, Half Moon is one of the best resorts in Montego Bay.

Here's a little history. A group of 16 families bought 35 acres of beaches to build villas and houses for themselves, their families and their friends. So Half Moon Bay was born. The three original families remain in the property.

Since the early 1950s, Half Moon Villas and Bungalows Kennedys, Bushes and Windsors have been housed. And Hoffman. Yes, we looked at one of the Prestige Ocean Suites and I felt quite prestigious. Our housekeeper told us that this is the only room with a children's piano. This means that most of the music celebrities who visited Half Moon Jamaica stayed in this room, including Lionel Richie, Jennifer Hudson, Billy Ocean, and Player Kenny Rogers himself. And we were told that the queen stayed in this room exactly. Yes, Queen. So yes, staying at Half Moon Resort means feeling like a royal king!

half of the bay of Jamaica villa
half of the bay of Jamaica villa
half of the bay of Jamaica villa

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Half Moon Resort Jamaica – Rum

Well, there are more than half a month of Jamaica than rum. But the menu of meals and drinks was excellent. From Chef Christopher Golding, executive chef and Jamaican genius behind Sugar Mill restaurant, our friend Nicholas behind the bar that made us really unique rum cocktails, we felt sure.

Upon arriving at Half Moon, we immediately saw Cedar Bar, the Half Moon center point. We drank with chopped pork tacos and pork riders with a pineapple hump. Besides, there is a BBQ beach where I was glad to find traditional Jamaican meat pastry spices that you can enjoy with your fingers in the sand and in the water just behind them. Even at the buffet breakfast at Seagrape Terrace, we enjoyed traditional Jamaican food, such as Akkee and Salty Fish, Stewed Chicken, Salty Fish and many other Jamaican dishes that we have never heard of before.

Meet the traditional Jamaican dishes and what to eat in Jamaica

What to eat in Montego Bay - Half Moon Hotel Jamaica
What to eat in Montego Bay - Half Moon Hotel Jamaica
What to eat in Montego Bay - Half Moon Hotel Jamaica
What to eat in Montego Bay - Half Moon Hotel Jamaica

But the real experience came during our two nights at the Sugar Mill restaurant. Chef Chris takes traditional Jamaican dishes and brings them upscale. Our special tasting menu included delicacies such as kari kari ravioli, Jamaican high-end meat pie and the current chicken recipe with rice and peas. Everything was well prepared and showed a high level of passion, which was clear at the time we met with Cook Chris. My only complaint? I could eat a dozen coffee ravioli!

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Half Moon Bay Resort – relaxation

Of course, relaxation is the name of the Half Moon game. We enjoyed the beautiful treatment with Fern Tree signature massage. It was one of the best and most unique massages we had from our spa couple in Bangkok a few years ago. 90-minute treatment started and cerasee foot wash, which apparently helps with detoxification. And we have even been treated (we intended) to form rum. So even in the spa continues the influence of Jamaican rum.

When we did not use Nicholas rum cocktails or enjoy spa treatments, we spent most of the time relaxing on our private terrace. Our terrace was just a few steps to the water, and while reading in a luxury beauty salon, I heard the water edge on the beach.

And even after 60 years, Half Moon Jamaica continues to welcome families and groups that return to property from year to year. It is their home away from home, and their place to relax too. We met one pair, Faith and Tyler. Not only were they removed about ten years ago at Half Moon Jamaica but returned 8 of the last 10 years to a Half Moon holiday. They were just beautiful. And it was great to see Nicholas, cook Chris and other staff meet. It looked like one big happy family! It really says a lot about luxury real estate when repeat guests come year after year. I understand why.

Overall, there was something really strange about Half Moon, and I can fully understand why it's one of the best Montego Bay resorts in Jamaica. Yes, part of it could be that we slept in the same room as the queen! But even though we stayed for only 3 nights, and we did not even try to explore the entire resort or take a look at the Half Moon Golf Course, our short experience in one of the Half Moon Villa was something strange.

Montego Bay Map

This Montego Bay Jamaica map shows the location of some of the Montego Bay beaches, along with Hotel Half Moon, and the distance from Montego Bay Airport. I also included some of the best attractions in Montego Bay. One of our most popular things in Montego Bay was to learn all about the White Wizard from Rose Hall Jamaica, not far from Half Moon.

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FAQ – Montego Bay Jamaica

  • Where is Half Moon Bay? Half Moon Jamaica is located on Half Moon Bay in Montego Bay. Being one of the best hotels in Montego Bay, most people know where the hotel is located, on the northern side of the island, east of the airport. But when Half Moon goes, Jamaica is actually two semesters. "Half Moon Beach" is not the same. Half Moon Beach is located more west of the airport, closer to Negril, Jamaica. I was at least once confused when exploring our trip to Montego Bay. It should also not be confused with Half Moon Bay Beach, located in California. To be safe, check out this hotel as Half Moon Montego Bay and you should be gold!
  • What is the current situation in Montego Bay? Montego Bay is hot and tropical almost all year round. Make sure you are protecting against sunlight and mosquitoes, which is necessary in all tropical climates.
  • When is the best time to visit Jamaica? Caribbean trips must be planned around the hurricane season running from June to early November. The best time to go to Jamaica is in November and December, after the hurricane season when the weather is beautiful. We visited in April and there were several showers, but most of the time it was sunny and warm.
  • How far is Half Moon Jamaica from Montego Bay airport? Half Moon Bay Resort is just a 10-minute drive from the airport.
  • How to get to Jamaica Half Moon Bay from Montego Bar? Half Moon offers a welcome lounge out of the ordinary. Their concierge team can help ensure transfer to the resort.

We were hosted by Half Moon Bay Resort, but as always, our views are ours. Check out the Tripadvisor Montego Bay reviews Half Moon Resort. Prestige Ocean rooms start at $ 700 per night. Half board, full board and all-inclusive options are available (use all-inclusive). Our treatment called Fern Tree Spa Spa is $ 245 per person.

Pinch! Half Moon Jamaica – Hotels Montego Bay Jamaica

Half Moon Jamaica - Hotels Montego Bay Jamaica
Half Moon Jamaica - Hotels Montego Bay Jamaica
Half Moon Jamaica - Hotels Montego Bay Jamaica

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