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Our experience with traveling to Bordeaux was far from planned. Instead, we have come to this world-famous French wine-growing area where we live or, more precisely, the dog where we sit for a friend. We had no idea how to visit Bordeaux to go for a wine tasting in Bordeaux, or whether the Bordeaux wine was too expensive for our bank account. We were surprised at what we found out wine tourism in Bordeaux. Here we will share our tips for a great trip to Bordeaux, including recommended excursions from Bordeaux.

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Vin de Bordeaux – What does it mean?

Bordeaux excursions

Bordeaux is located on the west coast of France and has one of the most important and prestigious wine history. The area is surrounded by the city of Bordeaux and includes over 50 wine or wine-growing areas around the city. It is the largest wine production area in France. And besides Champagne, Bordeaux is likely to give the impression of wealth, luxury and perhaps despair more than any other wine. It also means that it can be intimidating for wine travelers.

I think I am quite familiar with wine, specific Spanish wines, Italian wines and even Portuguese wines. But I'm just a newcomer when it comes to French wine outside Champagne. This is what I learned at a very high level about wines from Bordeaux. Mostly produced wine is Bordeaux red wine, which is also called Claret in Britain. It is always made from a mixture of grapes, mainly Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec. The area also produces the white wine Bordeaux called Sauternes and a small amount of pink and sparkling wine.

The wine classification system of Bordeaux is complicated and I just start to understand it. While Italian wines are classified either as IGT, DOC or DOCG, depending on their quality, there are 4 AOC Bordeaux wines, mainly based on the Bordeaux subregions. There are the "first growth" of Bordeaux wines, which are considered the best Bordeaux wine. These include famous wine houses like this Châteaux Margaux, Latour, Haut-Brion, Mouton Rothschild and Lafite-Rothschild. But Bordeaux has far more than the famous names.

Labels can also read Grand Cru or Grand Cru Classe, depending on the classification they receive Château. Yes, it's all complicated.

Whether it's Grand Vin de Bordeaux or Bordeaux Superieur, it's almost insignificant for a typical wine traveler from Bordeaux. Because what is the wine of Bordeaux, rather than just a wine region to explore and create lasting memories.

Looking for a trip to Bordeaux?

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La Cité du Vin – one of the best attractions in Bordeaux

tour Bordeaux - La Cite du Vin

We visited Bordeaux just one year after the La Cité du Vin inaugurated, or the wine city, the museum dedicated to its wine. The architecture itself is stunning and looks almost like a wine carafe on the banks of the Garonne River that flows through the city. This should be at the top of every list to see in Bordeaux.

On two levels of museum exhibitions, we learned about amazing amounts of wine. I was surprised that the museum was not just dedicated to the Bordeaux wine region. Instead, only two short exhibits focus on Bordeaux wine. Instead, the museum focuses on educating people about wine, including wine-growing areas around the world, wine history, how to make wine and how to taste wine. The tour of the museum ends with a trip to the highest floors where you can taste the wine along with the view of Bordeaux.

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tour Bordeaux - La Cite du Vin

I was shocked at how interactive the museum is. In general, when traveling, there is no "no museum" rule, but we will make an exception for wine and food museums. And we've never been in a wine museum like this. It is a necessary pilgrimage for every wine lover.

La Cité du Vin

La Cité du Vin is located at 134 Quai de Bacalan in Bordeaux. Just take a tram along a river that will drop you right in front of you. La Cité du Vin is open daily from 9:30 to 7:30. Tickets are 20 EUR and include a tasting at the end, along with the rental of interactive headphones to explain the permanent exposure. They also offer special temporary exhibits at an additional cost.

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Recommended Bordeaux Wine Tours

bordeaux region france - Bordeaux wine roadsA visit to the wine museum in the city only scratches the surface of Bordeaux tourism. With so much to be seen in such a historic French wine region, it is a great idea to explore the Bordeaux vineyards. Here are our recommendations for some of the most beautiful Bordeaux France Wine Tours.

There are several types of Bordeaux circuits depending on what you are looking for. Companies offer full-day and half-day wine tours. Private and small group wine tours are available. Some wine tours only focus on Bordeaux tasting, others include meal matching and dining options. These wine tours in Bordeaux are made by car, bus and even by bike. The sky of the border! It is important to consider the time you have, where you want to visit, and your budget.

Small group Saint-Émilion All day tour: One of the best-rated small group wines on Viator, this is a perfect overview of both Saint-Émilion and Pomerol. Includes 3 wine tastings, transport and tour of the village of Saint-Émilion. Excludes lunch, but lunch is possible in the village between the tastings. Book now from € 115 per person.

Or order a similar Half Day Tour from 60 €. Half of Bordeaux's France tour includes one tasting instead of three. Either way, these are great opportunities for perfect excursions to Bordeaux.

Wine tasting tour for small groups: This is similar to the all-day tour of Saint-Emilion, but to Medoc, which is to the northeast of Bordeaux. Medoc is home to some of the most famous vineyards in Bordeaux and is a visit to Bordeaux wine enthusiasts. It also includes 3 Bordeaux wines, but does not include lunch. It's time to stop for lunch but for a surcharge. Book now from € 115 per person.

Wine tasting tour for small groups: This is similar to small group trips to Saint-Emilion and Medoc, but to Graves, which is south of Bordeaux. And includes lunch in addition to a Bordeaux vineyard tour. The tour leaves the tourist office in Bordeaux. Book now from € 115 per person.

Private half day tour of Saint-Emilion or Medoc: If you are traveling in a group with family or friends, one of Bordeaux's personal wine tours can be a better choice. It is much more personalized. It is possible to book a half-day tour that includes 2 Bordeaux vineyards and transport from Bordeaux to air con van. But given that the price is for delivery to 8 people, wine tasting will cost extra for a person, generally around EUR 25-30 per person. Yet it's a great choice for a group! Book now from € 290 per group (up to 8 people).

Round-the-clock bicycle ride: This tour includes minibus transport from Bordeaux to Saint-Émilion where electric motorcycles will appear on the tour. Bikes run through the village and then include 2 tastings and a picnic lunch on the Bordeaux vineyards. This is a small group tour that is limited to 8 people. It's the perfect wine experience of Bordeaux for people who love outdoors and want to "drink" wine when you drink. Book now from 120 € per person.

Bacchus Bordeaux Wine Tour: Do not have time to visit Bordeaux for the whole day? This hiking in Bordeaux comes with the history of the region and the Bordeaux wine tasting. It is only 3 hours long and departs from the city center both in the morning and in the afternoon. This is a great way to learn from the Bordeaux guide if you have a short time or you only have one day in Bordeaux. Book now from 69 € per person.

Our list of the best excursions from Bordeaux Wine

This table helps compare our recommended Bordeaux tours with wine tastings and contains information about the length, price, and what trips include.

Visitation The tour includes Duration Price from Book now!
Wine tasting in Bordeaux Castle Chateau Day Tour of Saint-Émilion – Tour of a small group Transport from Bordeaux, 3 wine tastings in Saint-Emilion and Pomerol 8 hours € 115 Book now
Full Day Medoc Tour – Tour of a small group Transport from Bordeaux, 3 tasting wines in Medoc 8.5 hours € 115 Book now
Full Day Graves Tour – Tour of a small group Transport from Bordeaux, 2 tastings in Graves with lunch 6 hours € 115 Book now
Half Day Saint-Émilion or Medoc Tour – private tour Private transport from Bordeaux with 2 tastings 3 hours € 290 Book now
Round-trip roundabout – Small group tour Transport from Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion electric bicycle ride, 2 wine tastings, picnic lunch. 8-9 hours 120 € Book now
Bacchus wine tour in Bordeaux Wine tasting in Bordeaux, morning or afternoon 3 hours € 69 Book now

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Training in Saint-Emilion

bordeaux region france - Wine tourism in BordeauxThere are ways to explore some of the finest Bordeaux vineyards you visit without booking a tour. Possible by train from the center of Bordeaux to Saint-Emilion in less than 30 minutes. Then it's about ten minutes walk to the village of Saint-Émilion, where it is possible to have a small appetite for wine tourism in Bordeaux.

Immediately after lifting my foot from the train, I felt as if we were in another world. From the parking lot to the station I saw old wine houses and hills of vineyards and Bordeaux wineries. It was quite a pleasant walk to the village. For the first time, we had lunch for a first time in Chai Pascal, on a hill and on a hiking trail before we begin a mini Bordeaux tour.

Saint-Emilion Wine shops

bordeaux region france - Bordeaux wine route Saint EmilionLet me tell you the story of the day we trained in Saint-Emilion to learn about the Bordeaux visas from an Irish man. Yes, that's exactly what we did.

We learned about Paddy O'Flynn through a family friend during our stay in Limerick. When we arrived in Saint-Emilion, we visited his wine shop, called Wine Buff. There are plenty of wine shops in Saint-Émilion where you can taste wines and definitely buy them. I think there could be more wine shops than cafes, and in France it is a bit weird.

Bordeaux Wine Shop - Tours of BordeauxPaddy's business is a bit different. It has a unique way of observing wine in general and has a rich knowledge of Bordeaux wines, which have lived here for more than 20 years. And perhaps because he is Irish, he offered a refreshing and less demanding way to taste wines.

And we also tasted some good. So much so that we bought 4 bottles and took them back to Bordeaux train. I note that many of the wines of Bordeaux that we tasted with Paddy were very valued, with large bottles ranging from 15 to 30 euros, though he carries and tasted more expensive wines. Just show that Bordeaux wine is not intended exclusively for wine collectors and wineguns. But it is a great stopover for Bordeaux wine for sale.

Recommended by Bordeaux Châteaux – Saint-Émilion

Wine tourism at the Bordeaux castle

We thought this quick trip we see at Paddy at The Wine Buff is our unique experience with Bordeaux Wine Tourism during this trip. But we were invited Great wine capital cities to return to all places, Saint-Émilion.

Great Wine Capitals is an organization that is one of the best wine cities in the world. They choose one wine region associated with a wonderful city in each of the 9 countries to promote wine tourism. In our time in Bordeaux we met the Bordeaux vineyards in Saint-Emilion and invited us. How could we pass it? For most wine travelers, Saint-Émilion is one of the best excursions in Bordeaux because it is reachable by train.

Our first official experience of the Bordeaux Chateau included a long drive through the Château Soutard, just outside Saint-Emilion. It's all you think of as a great French mansion. Parts of the house date back to the 16th century. The main castle was built in 1741. It offers wine tours from Bordeaux ending with tastings in the historic wine cellar as well as several guest rooms with overnight stays.

wine tourism in BordeauxAfter the tasting, we enjoyed a French-style outdoor grilling lunch with a beautiful, crisp summer Bordeaux rose on Château Soutard. Then we continued with Great Wines Capitals on the second tour and tasting of Chateau De Candale. Smaller and more modern than Château Soutard, Chateau De Candale offers a completely unique Bordeaux tasting. The current labels include "Scandal" wine, which annually dedicates the bottle art to one of the main news stories of that year.

Just as there were two short experiences with the Bordeaux tasting, I already felt that I learned more about Bordeaux. We and Eric planned a way back.

Where to Experience Wine Tasting in Bordeaux – Independently

wine tourism in Bordeaux

Yes, in Bordeaux you can taste tasting without a car and without a wine reservation. Our recommendation is to take a train to Saint-Emilion, visit the Bordeaux wine shop and Châteaux Chateaux. This means that our ability to visit these specific chateaus comes from our relationship with the Great Wine Heads. To make everything super, and explore Bordeaux wine more deeper than we, book wine Bordeaux wine.

Wine Buff

Wine Buff is located at the end of Rue du Marche in Saint-Émilion. The main part of their business is the export of wine to shops throughout Ireland. But their Saint-Emilion shop is open 6 days a week from 10am to 10:30pm. On Sunday they are closed. Paddy is quite liberal with his time and tastings and offers wine for every budget. And there is also a small terrace outside the shop. If you are in off-season in Saint-Emilion, it is better to call ahead.

Château Soutard

Château Soutard is located at Lieu dit Soutard, on one of the roads leading from Saint-Emilion. But it's easy to get out of town in a few minutes. Every day an English tour takes place at 14:00 during the season, lasting roughly from April to November. Sightseeing and tasting takes approximately one hour and costs EUR 10. Rooms start at € 200 per night in the off season.

Chateau De Candale

Chateau De Candale is a bit far away, and will require a car to visit. It is located on 1 Grandes Plantes in Saint-Laurent-des-Combes, just 5 minutes drive from the village of Saint-Émilion. They open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 16:30. Visits and tastings are only by agreement. In addition to the tasting, the Chateau De Candale has a very renowned restaurant, L & Atelier de Candale, on site.

Map of Bordeaux wine

On this map are listed some of the aforementioned stops in the tourist guide Bordeaux. The orange stars show the center of the Bordeaux wine region at a very high level. This is just the goal of giving an idea of ​​the region, helping with planning trips in Bordeaux. It also shows the distance between Bordeaux and St Emilion.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bordeaux France and Bordeaux Wine Tourism

We have other Bordeaux travel tips to help wine lovers explore Bordeaux.

  • Where can I find out more about other attractions in Bordeaux? The Bordeaux Tourist Office provides all the resources and information about the Bordeaux tours. It is located on 12 courses of 30 Juillet and is open 7 days a week. You can also buy tickets to Bordeaux in the office.
  • Is there a wine festival in Bordeaux? Yes! In June there is an amazing Bordeaux Wine Festival. Due to the unique location of Bordeaux on the water, the wine festival also hosts a large ship display.
  • Where is Bordeaux? Bordeaux is located near the coast of the Atlantic, in the south-west of France, in the Aquitaine region. It's about 500 kilometers from Paris. The city lies on the River Garonne, both on the right and on the left bank of the river.

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Pinch! Wine tasting in Bordeaux – Bordeaux Wine Tours

Wine in Bordeaux - Bordeaux Wine Tours
Wine in Bordeaux - Bordeaux Wine Tours
Wine in Bordeaux - Bordeaux Wine Tours

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