Monstrous school entertainment at Novotel Sydney Central


They're scary, fragile, mysterious, and scary, they're all eyes together … not unlike their quasi-goth mother! I speak, of course, about my own terrible couple! Raffles and Sugarpuff are more excited than usual at weekends on one of our favorite "ghosts" in Sydney, Novotel Sydney Central.

It's not just because our employees behave like a family or because the rooms are spacious and comfortable.

There is nothing new for Novotel Sydney Central staff

It's not even because the food in your own restaurant, at least according to Raffles, is a devilish taste. No, it's because like my scary children, Novotel hotels right in Australia get their ghouls between July 1 and September 30 to celebrate the release of Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Holiday with Novotel

My quaint cuties were so happy that they were invited to the intertwined peak, not only in the new film, but also in Novotel's new, exciting offers. As part of their spooky family packages, families can book a stay at the Transylvania 3 Hotel in a themed room with all offerings ranging from bed linen to blankets and towels located around the Dragon Package.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Holiday with Novotel

But my strange family was excited to find that Transylvanian gifts did not end there! While Drac and his creators worked on their moons on the Bermuda triangle trip, Raffles and Sugarpuff kicked back to Frankenfeet's new slippers and wrapped up just like Murray's mummy in their children's bathrobes.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation theme for babies in Novotel

Their bad excitement increased only after they opened their gift packs, full of up to the edge of the Transylvania Hotel, 3 goodies, including games, balls, activities, stickers, beer bottles, and even tickets to a terrorist film.

Some of the Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation thematic delicacies at the Novotel

Slippers, the latest style in strange footwear, prove the impact Raffles wears when we go down in the evening.

Swing his face to Novotel Sydney Central

While Mr. Eats World and I are enjoying a happy hour and spraying some alcoholic varieties, the children go out or stumble in a slippery suitcase, in the corner of the children's corner. Packing as it is with a huge jingle, link the four, the color and the fun of children, including the first Hotel Transylvania, on a rotation, are in their happy place.

NOVotel Sydney Central children's corner

We are all the big fans of Field House, the amazing restaurant at the Novotel Sydney Central, so they did not move too much to convince Devil's duo to change the playing time for dinner.

Raffles and I could not help seeing some of our favorite meals from the Field House menu, including the noble Prawn and Chorizo ​​Tortellini, Gnocchi Carbonara and appropriately named Three Little Pigs, a deliciousness bowl.

Field house in Novotel Sydney Central

Sugarpuff, in a healthy mood, eagerly ordered from a nutritious InBalance Kids menu from Novotel, and her animals and veggies with all the enthusiasm of a child's werewolf.

The special handling brought a plate of grotesque green gelatin full of sweet teeth and spooky green frogs, conjuring up the vision of one of the most popular crews of the Transylvania Hotel, the Blobby!

Monstrous school entertainment at Novotel Sydney Central

It did not stop them from ordering even more desserts, Sugarpuff decided for the fruit of the spearfish, Raffles absorbed raspberries and lychee cake and I, well I could not go around the fiery or chocolate fondant.

Catch back by the fire at NOvotel Sydney Central

We were glad to see the sound of the live music after a meal that was amazed at the fire, but the children are desperate to come back to our pimpeda to enjoy their prey, so we came back and played, barged and went to nights away, monstrous style.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Holiday with Novotel

And once we are happy that the kids are a bit nightly because, along with free accommodation and breakfast for children under 16 years and 50% discount on the second room for families, family packages at Novotel include a late check-out on Sunday … ideal for the family of vampires .

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Holiday with Novotel

Disclosure: Our adventurous school entertainment at Novotel Sydney Central was hosted by AccorHotels, but all the scary, fragile and completely eye-conscious behavior along with the views are our own.

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