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One of my current favorite salads or grill attachment is this version of Tabbouleh, a mid-eastern staple, by Kate Harrison, author of the book, Dirty Diet.

This is a really interesting book if a) you need some weight (I will do it!) And b) if you are in the dorm and want some new super easy recipes. I bought a book for friends who do not have an absolute diet and do not have to, just because the recipes are really fantastic. This is the best 6 pounds you spend the whole week and you can be surprised.

I adapted the recipe a little bit and I like this meal. In the book, the quantities listed below are for 2 servings (perfect for 131 calories per person). Personally, I think these quantities make generous supplements for 4 and are really good with grilled chicken wings, for example.

Without another, here is "Tabbouleh" – I use inverted commas because this recipe skips some of the key ingredients tabbouleh and it's just a salad.

Dirty Diet is "Fast Like Flash Carafiol and Broccoli Tabbouleh" recipe, with some lady O editing.

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Administration: officially 2, but I would say 4 as an attachment

Calories per dose: 131 (if 2) or 70 (if for 4)

Rapid ingredients "Tabbouleh"

200g of mixed cauliflower and broccoli (or broccoli only)

A handful of fresh mint

A handful of fresh flat parsley

3 spring onions, chopped

30 g of fresh pomegranate seeds

150g of fresh cherry tomatoes (usually we do without)

Juice of 1 lemon

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Rapid method Tabbouleh


  1. Pulse florets in the kitchen robot until "grains" are created. Add to the bowl.
  2. Pulse herbs and spring onions together. Add to the bowl.
  3. Mix everything into a bowl. Add the seeds of pomegranate and / or cherry tomatoes and mix.
  4. Pour lemon juice and olive oil. If necessary, add salt and serve.

mrs o home grilled apples salads tabbouleh prep

It's a very simple recipe, but very different from what we normally have at home and we love it. We add more herbs to our salads and we really do it.

If you are in the mood, you can look at my Mango Salsa recipe, which is also excellent.

Used products:

Ikea white board (3 for £ 6.90 in UK / Europe, $ 8.50 in US / Canada)

Ikea Mixing Bowl 20 cm in Stainless Steel (6.15 GBP in UK / Europe, US $ 11 in US / Canada)

Knife – Part of Wusthof knife set (£ 499 UK / Europe, $ 479 USA / Canada)

Braun hand mixer (£ 64.99 in UK / Europe, US $ 90 in USA / Canada)

Let me know if you try it!


Mrs. O

Mrs O's Contribution in the Hoo: A quick tabbouleh recipe first appeared at Mrs Oround the World – a luxury travel blog by Ana Silva O'Reilly.

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