Raffles Review: Milky Lane Bondi


You know, I've never met a hamburger I did not like. When my mom told me that we were going to Milka Lane, Bondi's most beautiful hamburger's bar, I prepared some serious food. But why I was not ready is that Milky Lane is not just a hamburger … something that will become obvious as soon as we arrive to find the front of the people who have scattered the front door.

Milky Lane Bondi is popular and for good reason. I think once we were sitting at a table under a huge dinner party style in the style of Snoop Doga and his hamburger rap friends, I knew I would be in some epic, over the top, yeah!

It seemed good to start with The PBJ Mega Shake.

PJB Mega Shake on the Milky Way

That was probably a mistake. Absolutely delicious error. This creature was a thick twist of nut butter served in a glass of raspberry jelly, peanut butter and chocolate chips, then covered with a fluffy raspberry cream and a decorated cup of peanut butter and liquid Nutella. The only thing missing from this milk extravagance was unicorns watching the rainbows.

Which meant less space for the burgers in the stomach. And those crazy burgers were so crazy that just reading through the colossal menu hurt my belly. But I'm not the one who could give me a little older burger, so I decided to take two. Chic-Kanye and Kevin Bacon. How fully charged!

I have to admit that I came back because my father was on the alert to help me. Although I am not entirely sure how it is really useful to order macaroni and cheese croquettes and locked and loaded French fries (beer broken chips stuffed with bacon, crushed cheese, shallot, cheese sauce and special sauce).

Fully charged French fries and croquettes Mac and Cheese on

In fact, when I saw the food coming, I was not sure if we were going to make it alive.

Chic-Kanye was not too scary. The massive hamburger was stuffed with crispy southern fried chicken, maple smoked bacon, fruit American cheese, scoop, lettuce, special sauce, barbecue sauce and jalapeño pineapple. Oh, and bacon and mac & cheese croquette … just for the case.

Chic-Kanye on Milky Lane Bondi

As soon as I decided how to get it in my mouth, my mind was burned. BOOM! This hamburger is a bomb. It was crunchy, juicy, soft and spicy and was one of the best hamburgers I've ever met.

Kevin Bacon was on the other hand a high tower of terror! Imagine three-layer American-style cotton bacon and double-maple smoked bacon-colored bacon sauce, truffle aioli, caramelized onions and cucumbers.

Stacked Kevin Bacon on Milky Lane Bondi

Then imagine you want to eat. This thing was twice as big as my head, and I could not pick it up, let alone put it in my mouth. And eating everything after the mega shake strikes and Chic-Kanye would do it my last dinner, because I would literally explode.

Dad, who had already been filled with deliciously loaded French fries, voluntarily decided to go half. He is so generous. I'm glad I defended him because Kevin Bacon was a matter of mass perfection. Juicy, cheese and full of flavor, I consider it eleven million out of ten. And even if it took a while, we finally defeated the burger monster.

Or maybe she beat us because I needed to lie down after a meal.

Fried churro dish with coconut gelatin on Milky Lane

But there is no rest for the wicked, and when a huge fried churro dish, overflowing with coconut gelatin and coughing with Nutel and salted caramel sauce, appeared on the table, I was wide awake and ready for more meals.

Reviewed by Raffles – Aged 10

Milky Lane Bondi
141 Curlewis St
Bondi Beach

Disclosure: Raffles was a guest of Milky Lane Bondi, but all of the hamburger bingeing, coma-ing food and views are, as always, his own.

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