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Well, it was really one summer. I'm writing on my phone from Canada where my family cares about. Those of you at Facebook or Instagram may have seen my limited updates over the past few months, but if you do not: The short version is that I ended up in ER in New York due to some weakening symptoms, midnight. I went back to the apartment where the house was located to find out that he had been killed when I was in ER. They have taken laptops and valuable things to their friends, as well as their own laptop, camera, hard drives and my prescription spectacles.

The good news is that I have my photos backed up online as well as a folder of documents from my laptop. The bad reports – well, there are a lot of bad news.

While many people seem to treat very well from the lumbar puncture, I have several problems that prevent it. For beginners, the whole "running with the police until your back cramps" after two lumbar puncture? Not recommended. Certainly, healing will not help. * Since the publication, several doctors and experts have explained that they do not lie at night No a big deal because they do not use a bed after LP.

The passages were to confirm that in my brain I had neither the bleeding nor the meningitis that caused the headache I had received and shut down during the last two years. Fortunately, neither of these cases is, but it seems unfortunate that my spine still does not suffer from a cerebrospinal fluid. CSF leakages are not well known or very common – the people I spoke with basically said they were told that you "have migraines" for years until the doctor is finally willing to take his claim that headaches are positive and did not respond to the treatment of migraine seriously.

A recent BBC song was a gentleman in Scotland, who, after many years, has attempted to rectify the leak, and is mostly tied to a bed.

The repair is usually started with epidural blood. It was something I returned to New York, at the same hospital that carried a lumbar puncture. They warned me not to get to the reasons I would eventually get – but just tell me they also told me that I should cure myself well.

It was 6 weeks to lie on the back almost all day. Not healed. My traffic is limited. And when I climb, it's not so painful. But minute AND get up, the pain breaks. Literally. I feel my brain is pushed into my spinal cord. They call it "brain," and friends it is no joke. It also makes you pretty upset that the scent of food is not a fun experience. So you know how terrible it is for me: I'm not happy with the meal.

Check out this post on the April 2018 Review of What's Going on. Somehow, though it was incredibly unreal, it was even more crazy.

The rebellion that I have attended the Vipassana course in the past few years and also the chronic pain is that I have learned the tools that have helped me through this deep uncertainty. But the dark panic does not know if you can improve, and you know that doctors to know will help you be far is a bad combo. (The CSF specialists are with the Duke of North Carolina, Stanford, California, and Cedars-Sinai, LA.) My poor parents have met with the Jodi pool and have tried to keep the positive times I have not.

However, what can you do but try to take every day and focus on silver trim? I have a lot of bright spots in the soreness. For me, it means a totally unbelievable pouring of support from friends, readers, families and strangers. The CSF leakage group has joined Facebook suggested by a friend discussing this lesser known issue, and there are many learning resources available. Careful packs were sent to me by remote friends, full of owls and alpacas. And the defense of stubborn travel bloggers (see below) who fired me away with a well-organized Go Fund Me campaign that they set off all over the internet.

How can you help?

I appreciate all the help because I will not be able to work for a long time.

Typographic food maps

Order a morning Christmas gift from my store – Japanese maps are in it and they are just wonderful.

Celiac keys

Do you know the celibacy? Grab the translation card for the country you choose.

The Most Insane Go Fund I've ever had

Readers were still asking how to give money, and I said I did not feel well when I did the GFM, because I felt shaky and I did not die at all (so hold it, okay?). Friends basically ignored me and made my own. Not only did they write the most incredibly moving tributes, they totally funded the TWO DAY campaign. I do not know what to say besides honoring me and I do not know what I did to deserve this shedding of love. The campaign is here.


I update more on Facebook than here, and this page will be on alert yet.

I appreciate all the support, love and prayer from afar – thank you very much. I take it because I have everything I can: with so much knowledge I can gain, trying to be true to myself and hope to save some space to help others with similar problems in the future.

With love from Montreal,


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