Torch's Tacos: The Most Popular Items and the Torch's Secret Menu Revealed


In the battle for the best tacos in America, Austin Texas may be the strongest bidder. Especially because it is home to the secret menu of the Torcha, which offers seven tacos that were not found on the popular menu.

I spent the early days when I sensed the city for my best tacos and unmatched tacos with migas with Michael and I was skeptical about going to franchise. But I was sure Torch's Tacos spread to several places because he was so beloved.

But why are the Torches' Tacos so popular?

In a city where there are three taco connections on each block, it may be difficult to understand why everyone likes Torchy. He's always busy, especially at lunch.

This is not an authentic Mexican tacos, as you would find elsewhere in Austin. In fact, it's not even classic Mex Mex.

Torch's Tacos are their own invention, somewhat inspired by the traditional Mexican and Tex Mexican meals associated with the Austin Grill. And it works. The Torchy spread to other cities in Texas and recently in Colorado and Oklahoma. I would not be surprised if it was the national chain.

Taco Bell is better off.

However, it is very important to order the correct items in the Torch & Tacos menu and some are delicious and others are … meh.

In fact, I did not like Torcha at all when I first went. It was OK. But I did not think it was worth the hype or the price considering all the other awesome food tacos in Austin.

Later I realized that it was because I made my newborn that I ordered a ton of taco. I did not want to come back, but my friend Nick attempted me with the secret Torchy menu.

Call me a jumper, but I love the secret menu.

The best part of the visit to Las Vegas was the In-n-Out Burger secret menu, other than the nurse's wedding in the valley of the fire, the rest of Vegas was a big deal.

The good news is that Torchy's secret menu is very small. Two of us were able to try out most of the sharing. I opened a new world and I realized that I really liked Torchy Tacos – Just drive my advice – no fish.

Check out this video if the Torch's Tacos is a food car.

History of Torchy Tacos

The Torchy started out as a very popular street wagon at the southern first place in 2006. His move to Austin's brick and mortar was so good that he opened several seats, moved to other cities in Texas and branched out to Colorado and Oklahoma.

Most people do not realize that breakfast is served all day, so you can. If you fill up the migas even if you do not wake up until the afternoon.

The Torchy's Secret Menu is not so secret

Torchy's secret menu was launched in 2013, and it's really the worst secret. In fact, if you forget which one you want to eat most of the places, print a secret menu so you can choose.

Torcinos Secret Menu - Matador is one of the seven secret tacos in Torch's Tacos.

1. Matador

Sliced ​​chest and grilled jalapeno with avocado, cheese, pickled onion, sour cream, tomato sauce and coriander. Served for fried corn tortillas wrapped in flour tortilla.

2. Trailer Park

Combination of two most popular dishes: fried chicken and tacos. It makes sense. Ask for it to be extra, and instead of salad you will get cheese.

Or take a hillbilly style for chorizo ​​and chopped bacon. And if you are a fan of Nashville Hot Fried Chicken, use the Torchy Taco hot sauce instead of a mild ranch.

Torch's Secret Menu - Green Chilean Pig Missionary Style is one of the seven secret tacos in the Tacos torch.

3. Mussel style green chilli pork

These carnitas use both corn and tortilla flour and are covered with guacamole, cheese, pickled onions, creamy lamb and coriander. Serve on tortilla flour.

4. Jack Clubs

A delicious breakfast, this fried egg and grilled taco potatoes come with black beans, crunchy tortilla strips, cheese, sour cream, Diablo sauce and coriander. Serve on tortilla flour.

The Torchy Secret Menu - Hipster is one of the seven secret tacos in Torch's Tacos.

5. Hipster

My favorite because it was the last taste. Deep fried pinkoffed tuna stuffed with bacon, black beans, green chilli, cotiya cheese, avocado sauce and coriander. Available as a flour or corn tortilla

6. Mad Cow

The fried steak is accompanied by fresh grilled corn, black beans, cheese, cream whipped cream and coriander on tortilla flour.

Torchy's Secret Menu - Ace of Spades is one of seven secret tacos in Torch's Tacos.

7. Ace of Spades

Another great breakfast, but you have to like dairy products! Jalapeño sausage and chest are accompanied by fried egg, green chile queso, cotija cheese, sour cream and Diablo sauce. Serve on tortilla flour.

Torchy's Tacos Menu – Must Try Things

Torchy's secret menu item aside, the regular menu on the Torcha is huge.

So many people that some regular do not know about the secret menu because they are happy with what is currently being offered.

It is divided into: Breakfast tacos, tacos breakfast tactics, tacos, no taco, tokens and dips, Eats and cures and taco moons.

Are you still amazed?

There are so many options, but it also means you could end up like me, order a fish taco and think about the Torcha is just meh. So here are the most popular items in the Torch & Tacos:

Torchy Secret Menu - Discover seven secret tacos on Torchy's Tacos.

Top Torchy Taco Menu items

  • Horchata – although many places are licensed with a full bar (help: sitting there if the dining room is too crowded) there is nothing like good horchas to wash tacos.
  • Green Chile Queso who needs lame guacamole when you can have chips and dump with queso fresco, Diablo hot sauce and coriander
  • Lovepuppies brownies come in many flavors only if you have room for dessert.
  • Street Corn – All the goodies of regular street corn without your teeth picking corn. Roasted fresh corn is suitable for potato, lime, coriander, queso fresco and ancho chilli powder in the pan.
  • Democrat – You can not go wrong with barbacoa served with avocado, cotiya cheese and tomato sauce.
  • Dirty Sanchez – switch your breakfast from traditional migas to fried bell peppers and scrambled egg with guacamole.

Vegetarian objects on the Torches' Tacos

Although you can remove meat from many menu items, the Torchy is preparing large, vegetarian, specific dishes. For breakfast, Migas and Dirty Sanchez are vegetarians. Just like guacamole and green chilli queso dip and maize street.

But two very popular vegetarian tacos are:

The Independent – deep fried portobel mushrooms with fresh corn, pickled carrots, avocado and fresco queso.
Fried Avocado Taco – Just as it sounds. Together with beans, pico de gallo, cheese and lemon sauce.

Taco moons

Most of all you can not forget the taco moon! While the Torchy Taco secret menu items are always available because they use full menu items, this item is unique each month and it's gone after the end of the month!

If you were on Torchy Tacos, let me know in the comments below what your favorite menu item is!

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