12 of Dunedin's finest restaurants and cafés for families with food


Not only Dunedin, Scotland's South Island Heritage Site, offering world-class museums, epic castles and some of the most beautiful sceneries in New Zealand, is also packed with a snack with gourmet delicacies. In fact, Dunedin turned out to be a quite culinary revelation for this food fix fam.

Their noble dishes and cool cafes serve tasty dishes with Dunedin's twist, and there is also plenty of great cheap food and farmers in the markets to be the freshest local produce.

Raffles and I were so overwhelmed by every meal we ate that we were about to come back for a week … just eat. From dining and bistros tasting to dining dining cafes and craft chocolates, here, in no time, we share 12 of Dunedin's finest restaurants and cafes for grocery.


The Cocker Capers at The Good Earth Dunedin

Great atmosphere, good food and reasonable Good Earth Café prices, located directly on the street from Otago University, have returned to us for others. Along with ordinary coffee beans there is a varied selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as a selection of gluten-free and dairy products. This place takes care of everyone and does it well.

We were equally impressed by the sustainable ethos in the cafe – using biodegradable packaging, reusable straw in the house and recycling everything – as we were with food. And Sugarpuff still talks about his murderous cookies.

65 Cumberland St, North Dunedin


Egg Benedict at Vogel Street Cafe Breakfast

In a city full of sensational restaurants, Vogel Street Kitchen, in Dunedin's Warehouse Precinct, is one of the best, at least at breakfast. Cavernous space is an extremely cool industrial chic, with exposed bricks, steel beams and vintage, and at least in the cold morning we've been seeing, with fire by fire that warms winter tired bones.

Fantastic pastries filled my stomach while Raffles and Sugarpuff went to rich Benedict eggs, though Raffles decided to cook boiled salmon and Sugarpuff crispy salty version. Both came with perfectly baked eggs glued in the Netherlands that Raff rated 11 out of 10.

76 Vogel St., Dunedin


12 of the best restaurants and cafes in Dunedin for the Morning Magpie food family

It happened to us at the morning of Magpie on our way to the Dunedin train station and was filled with a funky atmosphere. With the walls covered with rotating art exhibitions, it's okay like a café with a cucumber that is popular with the locals thanks not only to their allegedly excellent coffee baking in the house (I do not drink coffee so I can not guarantee it personally) and their famous cinnamon pinwheels that I can guarantee for the deliciousness.

They also make an average breakfast bag, Raffles is preparing for halls, pesto and bacon wrapped beast, and Sugarpuff is about to make salty make-up, eggs and cream cheese, which was so good that she returned to lunch again.

46 Stuart St, Dunedin


12 of the best restaurants in Dunedin Beam me up Bagels

Dunedin is nothing, if not a bourgeois city. But the best bagels are by far the ones that space cadets on Beam Me Up Bagels. Hand-rolled, cooked and baked in the premises, bodacious bagels are created with ingredients from the surrounding Otago area and bizarre, the theme around Sci Fi movies.

12 of the best restaurants in Dunedin Beam me up Bagels

There is ham and cheese stuffed with Ham Solo, BLT inspired Darth Bacon and hot smoked salmon and fresh dill of Vulcan. Raffles was happily running over the chili-jam sladhered Halloumi Head while I went with Yoda, a delicious green stuff stuffed with pesto and spinach, and my sweet-loving golden cake could not get out of Kling's dried horseradish.

9 North Rd, North East Valley, Dunedin


Lanarch Castle: Dunedin with children

Who does not like good high tea? And where is it better to enjoy one than in a real castle? Lanarch Castle, high on a hill on the outskirts of Dunedin, is the only castle in New Zealand and boasts a charming garden and a scandalous scenery.

Every afternoon, they serve delicious tea at the Ballroom Cafe at Larnach Castle, outdoors in the garden if the weather is nice. It is for visitors to the castle, but the reservation needs to be done 24 hours in advance.

HIgh tea at Lanarch Castle in Dunedin

We enjoyed the choice of tea served in fine china (children had hot chocolate) along with towers of fine homemade sandwiches, petit fours, melt-in-the-mouth meringues and essential fluffy scones accumulated decadently high with jam and cream. Only the children's complaint was that they were not visited by the Roman castle spirit when we ate them!

145 Camp Rd, Dunedin


Dining dining at Moeity Dunedin

I had a serious feeling of déjà vu when I entered Moeety, a seven-week-old restaurant in Dunedin, which is located in what I swear I was a ravenous pub where I saw a great India band when I last visited a good 25- years ago. Of course I was half tanked, the first memories are somewhat brighter.

This time I'm here with the kids, far brighter and although they play some pretty melodies, the heritage building is now only complete. Instead it's home Moiety, a seven-week-old restaurant based on comfort, and one of the most innovative and impressive restaurant restaurants that I had privilege in the evening.

Restaurant FThe ive-course menu shows local wine and production prepared with such gentleness and taste that Raffles was ready for a faded style of Matt Preston tie. My fearless scarecrow was astonished at every part of the clever kitchen, from the dehydrated and smoked pumpkin with black garlic puree, the odd spring of the salmon belly to the roasted paste of the clouds hidden beneath the crinkled silk disks, three red beets with walnuts and pepper spread shichimi on top pork neck.

12 of Dunedin's finest restaurants in Moeety Dunedin

The extraordinarily brilliant apple dessert with a fine fennel teddy bear has improved the experience that has become much better thanks to the fantastic service. And this time you can be sure that I will not forget one forgotten.

42 Queens Gardens, Dunedin


Souffle at No. 7 Balmac Dunedin

Modern bistro with its own garden in the suburbs of Dunedin on Maori Hill, Number 7 Balmac specializes in modern cuisine from New Zealand and uses high quality raw materials of local origin. Their high-end bistro ride was won by Raffles as soon as refreshing lemongrass, ginger and lime soda arrives.

One light and fluffy three cheese souffle brought him to the next resurrection, while the decaying goodies confiscated ducks with burnt sprouts and peas purée gained points of bonus restaurants. But that was a black plum and a whipped cream from Alaska that had a contract with my hit son, who was planning our dinner here as one of his finest dishes in New Zealand.

7 Balmacewen Rd, Maori Hill, Dunedin


Tao Restaurant and Bar Dunedin

While we usually do not have a chain of restaurants, Tao Restaurant and Bar Dunedin turned to my dumplings, mostly because it dropped down and we accidentally set up a parking space directly outside that the children immediately saw as a turtle.

Part of a small chain of three restaurants located across New Zealand is Tao, a modern Chinese fusion dining room that spreads decadent dumplings, brilliant bao and a small but tasty menu of Asian inspiration. Sugarpuff rated his home-made crispy chicken and I could not get enough of deep-fried tofu with Sichuan fragrance. But it was a tummy of pork flogging and shrimp shrimps and delicious berry-filled berries, ink jet black Jiaozi, who sent us to dumplings.

472 George St Dunedin


12 of the best restaurants Dunedin Vault 21

Situated in the side and the Octagon, Vault 21 serves Asian food with tapas twist. A large restaurant with an indoor / outdoor pool has plenty of atmosphere, at least where we were sitting, under the in-house DJ exhausting funky melodies that featured Sugarpuff Grooving.

The service is out of the friendly and the menu is great with large parts. We went to small slopes of fried goodies, which are the famous blind beef from Vault 21, red kaffiers with yellow violet tuna, smoked mussels and southern mussels and some Beijing Duck-inspired tacos, our unanimous favorite. There was also room for a mixed berry Eton mess with a strawberry cake and plum ice cream, though I did not have much taste because Raffles had his spoon as a warrior to defend his backs.

21 Octagon, Dunedin


12 of the best restaurants and cafes in Dunedin for the Zucchini Brothers

Dunedin has no shortage of Pizza restaurants and tried to pick one that turned out to be difficult. But local recommendations have seen us move towards warm and beautiful Zucchini Brothers where we retreated to beautifully thin and crunchy pizzas. Pepperoni had the right amount of zinc for Sugarpuff and the more sophisticated seafood was a hit with Raffles.

Great service and a good selection of local wines made their mother as happy as the fire in the cold winter night. This place is for anyone who loves their taste buds.

286 Princes St, Dunedin


Ocho Chocolate Cafe Dunedin

It was not very convincing for the children to agree to visit the Ocho Café Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory, located in the dam of the warehouse, just a few blocks from the city center. Managed by Liz Rowe and supported by its passionate team, Ocho produces a real small batch of original chocolate for chocolate lovers. One of the best things about this chocolate is a philanthropic philosophy that captures beans coming from Pacific Islands only – including PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji – from small producers, meaning that the product has a smaller ecological footprint but is fairly traded and growers get fair prices.

The beans themselves are baked, ground, finished, and chocolate wrapped in the house before they are molded into bars, and the children were fascinated by watching the process at the cafeteria at the factory. But they were soon dispersed by several pairs of hot chocolate and chocolate tasting chocolate bar chocolate bars with a level of 66% to 100% cocoa. My favorite was 75% chocolate from Fiji and my favorite kids was a bar with stained volcanic chunks of caramel. We stayed with a couple of bars, although they did not last long, and we had to go back before we left Dunedin to fill the stores.

Ocho Chocolate Cafe Dunedin

Dunedin visitors will find Ocho later in the year in a larger building on Roberts Street on Dunedin's seafront after they have visited $ 2 million after the Cadbury factory in Dunedin closes. Along with irresistible hot chocolate and crafted chocolate bars, they also hope to start factory tours of new premises by the end of the year.

22 Vogel Street, Dunedin, Warehouse Precinct, Dunedin


The Otago Farmers Market in Dunedin is held on Saturday

We are judges, especially as regards the market. In fact, when we travel to Raff and I like when we can, we go straight to the local grocery market or farmers to get the feeling we have room and food. Lucky for us, Otago Agricultural Market, which took place every Saturday morning at the Dunedin Railway Station, was in full swing just after our arrival. Approximately 50 growers and producers served their freshest and best, we did not know what a unique experience we should have. Certainly, the products were fresh and fabulous, but they were incredible gourmet offers that floated both our sauces.

Breakfast Lasagne on Otago Agricultural Markets

While Sugarpuff was a happy mocking pizza for brekkie because of the pizza, Raffles rolled in a banh-inspired ginger chicken roll of goodness. Until I ordered a brilliant lasagna breakfast filled with boiled egg and Dutch sauce, which he immediately pressed. Good work I had enough kiwi coins that stayed on a couple of fresh apples or I was starving.

Dunedin Railway Station, Anzac Ave, Dunedin

Publishing: While Eats Worlds are guests of Dunedin, most of our meals have been independently paid and as always, all our opinions and facial stunts are our own.

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